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Classical Theatre Festival

Cultural Event in Olite
20 July to 4 August

For a fortnight, the best dramatic works of all time, by playwrights such as Shakespeare, Moliere, Calderón de la Barca and Tirso de Molina, come back to life against the backdrop of the walls of the beautiful Royal Palace. The festival has two open-air stages: one of them is La Cava, which has a capacity of around 500 spectators and is where the most important productions are staged; and the other is the Palace; not to mention the different squares in the town.

Romería to the Virgen Blanca

Popular Event in Jaurrieta
15 August

From 11 to 15 August, the Pyrenean village of Jaurrieta in the Salazar valley celebrates its patron saint festivities. The 15th is the big day in honour of the Virgen Blanca. The locals take their Virgin on a pilgrimage to her chapel. After the ceremony, a ‘hamarretako’ (mid-morning meal) of cheese, chistorra sausage and wine is shared out.

Transhumance Day

Popular Event in Carcastillo
15 September

Central Navarre is a delight to the senses. You can hear it, feel it and see it, and all thanks to events like this. Just before the Sanmiguelada, when thousands of sheep enter Bardenas Reales, Carcastillo gets the celebrations under way with the activities held on this festive day. Bike rides, outdoor painting contests with a pastoral theme, concerts, reveilles, parades of ‘giants’, craft stalls and, above all, tastings of lamb, wine and Navarrese cheese. The shepherds rush to Bardenas…

Raimundo Lanas Jota Contest

Cultural Event in Murillo El Fruto

3 November

The Jota is the sound of Navarre. This ancient form of popular expression has not fallen into disuse. The minstrel of the Navarrese jota par excellence was Raimundo Lanas, also known as ‘the Nightingale’. Born in Murillo el Fruto on 23 January 1908, he left us 38 years later. His singing voice raised him to fame, and his neighbours wear red and white to pay him tribute every year at this musical contest. The finest singers around serenade the heavens from the warehouse of the municipal cooperative, competing for the prized trophy.

Truffle Day

Gastronomic Event in Orisoain

14 to 15 December

La Valdorba is a peaceful valley in the middle of Navarre whose hallmarks are Romanesque architecture and mycology. It is a land in which truffles abound, so it is not surprising that it is the venue for the annual thematic fair dedicated to the product. A gastronomic event which aims to publicise the excellence of the fungus known as the black diamond. To this end, chefs and prominent figures from the world of international cuisine come together every year to reveal the secrets of this peculiar foodstuff. The event includes a full programme of activities: tasting of truffle-based snacks, a demonstration of collecting truffles with a wild sow and tributes, among other things. Music and a touch of colour are brought by groups of dulzaina players, parades of ‘giants’, pipers and dancers. And different local restaurants include truffle-based meals in their menus all weekend.


Popular Event in Lumbier

5 January 2022

On the night of 5 January, the custom of dragging Calderos (tin cans) through the streets of the town, creating a great racket to announce the arrival of the Three Magi, has been repeated since time immemorial.

Tafalla fairs

Popular Event in Tafalla

11 to 12 February 2022

First held in the days of King Carlos III, this is a beautiful, popular livestock fair which dates back to 1419 and takes place on the weekend closest to 9 February. It is complemented by a Food Fair. Horses, mules and donkeys populate the fairground. Hundreds of heads of equine livestock are brought from different parts of the country, lending Tafalla a cosmopolitan air. Nowadays, the fair, which is still highly livestock-based, has been enriched with other attractions, such as books, flowers, agricultural grafts, agricultural machinery, cars, handicrafts and so on. And the Tafallesa music band livens up the exhibition with the sounds of the txistu fipple flute and the dulzaina. One of the most curious events of the day is the Raffle of the Divine Pig, a tradition which began in 1760, in which a pig is raffled for the Santo Hospital to raise funds.

Winter Triathlon

Sports Event in Ezcároz / Ezkaroze

23 February 2022

The winter triathlon, or white triathlon, is a sport which consists of three parts. The first is a running race, which usually ranges between 7 and 10 km long and passes through a town or village, which is normally the head of a mountain valley. After completing this first part, the participants take their bicycles to travel the 18 to 30 km, depending on the competition, between the town and the local ski trails, climbing a mountain pass. At the ski trails, the triathletes don their skis to complete the third part, a 7-to-10 km cross-country ski circuit.

Second Javierada

Religious Event in Javier

14 March 2022

During the first two weekends of March, coinciding with the Novena of Grace, thousands of pilgrims from all over Navarre flood the roads to Javier castle to revere the saint. Some are urged on by the challenge, others by a more religious spirit, but what is never lacking is the good cheer needed to cover the more-than-50 kilometres which, in the case of Pamplona, separate them from Javier. After the long, tiring walk, all the pilgrims gather on the esplanade in front of the castle to celebrate a mass presided over by the archbishop.

Romerías to Ujué

Religious Event in Ujué

1 May 2022

This event is held on the Sunday following 25 April, Saint Mark’s Day, and is attended by crowds of locals. Dressed in tunics, bearing crosses and sometimes even barefoot and in chains, the penitents march from the cross outside the village to the sanctuary to pray to the Virgin. The mediaeval village, built on a solitary hill overlooking the Central Zone of Navarre and crowned by the Church-fortress of Santa María, offers a unique setting which heightens the drama of the event.

Navarra Asparagus and Rosé Wine Week

Gastronomic Event in Murillo El Fruto

4 to 13 May 2022

The 5th Navarra Asparagus and Rosé Wine Week, sponsored by the Regulatory Council of the Navarra Designation of Origin and Navarra Asparagus-Reyno Gourmet. During this period, D.O. Navarra Asparagus is the star of outstanding gastronomic proposals, which can all be paired with its best ally, D.O. Navarra Rosé wine. True treats for the palate, some of which come with succulent prizes thanks to the scratch cards given out for each order, including a weekend in rural accommodation, a meal in a Navarrese restaurant or a D.O. gift.

Cara Day

Popular Event in Santacara 9 to 10 June 2022

The residents dress up in tunics and embark on a journey to the 1st century BC to convey the importance of Cara, the Roman town which was the forerunner of what is now Santacara. The programme includes a Roman market, alimentum and vinum for all, and demonstrations of traditional trades, such as pottery with a Roman wheel, artisan cooperage and blacksmithing. There are also guided tours of the Roman ruins of Cara. Ave visitanti!

Irati Xtrem

Sports Event in Ochagavía 9 to 10 June 2022

The Irati Xtrem is a non-competitive bike ride without classifications or winners. The route around the Irati Forest runs through one of the least known, almost virgin parts of the Pyrenees. 128 kilometres · 8 mountain passes· 3,600 metres of ascent/descent · 1,390 on the Difficulty Index.

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